Welcome To American Bean Company #1 Supplier K-12
For Delicious Vegetarian Products!!!

American Bean is proud to be a family owned business. We have been servicing the food service industry for over 25 years.

Our parents taught us at an early age "Hard Work, Honesty and Fairness". Today this commitment marks the foundation for everything we do.


Our mission is to provide delicious and healthy plant based protein components to the school meal program in the K-12 market to help schools meet their wellness  goals.

In addition to being DELICIOUS:
  • Plant-proteins contain no cholesterol  are
  • Low in total, solid, and saturated fats,        
  • Rich in fiber and phyto-nutrients.
What better way is there to serve a bean to a student... than our nutritious Falafel or Black Bean burgers AND that students would actually like?!!


Benefits for Child Nutrition Programs

                       CN Labeled

Falafel meets the New USDA Nutrition Guidelines for 2.0 oz Meat/MA or ½ cup Legume Vegetable.
Falafel is high in protein, fiber, rich in minerals and phyto-nutrients.
Handheld combination of flavors and textures that students will ask for again and again.
Product versatility yields numerous menu solutions.
Customer Testimonials

"Woah! Wait a minute-this is good! I really like the falafels."
--Food Service Director, DeKalb Georgia Schools

"I loved them!! Those black bean burgers were so delicious.."
--Director of Food Service, Wakulla School District, Florida

"We all loved the falafels and can't wait for the parents to try them. They were delicious! "
--Director of Food Service, Faison Center School, North Carolina

"The falafels are delicious and the black bean burgers too! Thank you."
--Director of School Food Services, Fort Worth, TX